5 Tech Observations to Start Your Day 122214

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news updates, insights, gossip, chatter and perspectives to start your day for Monday, Dec. 22, 2014.

Actually, today's update has nine entries.

9. Buyout Is All About Analytics, Not Cloud: Oracle has acquired Datalogix, an advertising and analytics firm that helps connect marketing pros to data from offline consumer purchases. Datalogix delivers its service via the cloud. Oracle last week said its quarterly cloud-related revenues had topped $500 million. Some media pundits say the Datalogix deal is all about the cloud. I say hogwash. The analytics side of the conversation is far more important. Cloud is simply the delivery model -- and everybody is using that model now.

8. Faster, Faster: The lifecycle of an Israeli-based startup -- from launch to funding to IPO or sale -- is getting shorter, according to anecdotal data from Dow Jones VentureSource. The data covers startups across France, Germany, Israel, the UK. Exits took anywhere from 3.95 years (Israel) to 6.66 years (France). 

7. Third Time's a Charm: That's the growing perspective on Surface Pro 3, Microsoft's combination tablet and laptop. 

6. Facebook Developers: The social media giant has expanded its F8 Facebook Developer Conference to two days (March 25-26, San Francisco). Previous conferences had bee one day. Among my key questions: Will we get more info about the potential Facebook at Work service at the conference?

5. Sneak Peek: Microsoft is previewing a new release of its Power BI dashboards -- an attempt to take Big Data and analytics mainstream via Excel. We recently mentioned that Small Businesses have largely missed the Big Data revolution so far. But Microsoft has a massive Small Business footprint. So it's easy to imagine Power BI Dashboards stepping into the SMB market.

4. Tune In: How can businesses measure the financial value of social media marketing -- and the influencers in your ecosystem? Inside Social CEO Brewster Stanislaw shares details during our next Good Evening, I.T. Entrepreneurs podcast (Dec. 23, 9:01 p.m. ET). Special thanks to JumpCloud CEO Rajat Bhargava for the introductions.

3. Alarming: A South Korea nuclear plant has been hacked -- but only "non-critical" data was stolen, according to Reuters. Amid the concerns about the Sony hack and freedom of expression, security pundits are far more concerned about infrastructure -- transportation, power plants, communication systems, etc. -- getting hacked, damaged or destroyed by cyber warfare. 

2. Crazy Math: Is Uber's $40 billion valuation worth it? In my mind absolutely not. Even if you believe the company's business model can disrupt taxi services worldwide, Uber must clean up a range of business ethics and safety issues for its passengers. 

1. Holiday Schedule: A quick reminder. After Nines Inc. is closed for the holiday, reopening on Monday, Jan. 5. Our blog will have minimal (if any) updates, based on my morning caffeine intake and family obligations. Our daily newsletter will only distribute if the blog has been updated. Have a great holiday and wonderful New Year.

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