Dear Joe: When Are You Getting Back On The Road?

Quite a few readers have been asking me and Amy Katz when we plan to get back on the road -- attending I.T. conferences, blogging live from the front row of keynotes, and meeting in the back halls of gatherings to discuss and analyze what's truly happening in the I.T. market.

I've got a two-part update.

Part 1: At some point, I do expect to be back on the road. But this remains a transition time for Amy and me. We didn't launch After Nines Inc. in September 2014 to simply repeat the same playbook we wrote in 2008. Instead, we're in sandbox mode -- experimenting with a few creations and thoughts for our business, while also consulting with a range of IT organizations that need guidance. (How's that for responsibly vague?)

Part 2: We're starting to think a bit like musicians. We don't want to get back on the road playing tunes you've already heard us play. If I ever run onto a stage -- or sit near one -- again, it will be with completely new material.

Peek at our past and maybe you'll glimpse our future. Our first round of material was for CIOs -- while working with CMP Media and Ziff Davis in the 1990s and early 2000s. Our second round of material was largely for the channel, while building then selling our past company to Penton in 2011 before exiting in early 2014.

Our next round of material -- starting with our current consulting services -- takes us in a different direction. And it would be really nice to have a completely new horn section -- the type of talent that sits in with you from time to time to make rather incredible music. And sometimes, you need to lock yourself in a studio to work on that material...

All that said, Amy and I are quietly on the road in a range of ways. I'm in Manhattan the rest of this week meeting with yada, yada and maybe even yada. Then, I'll pop up at an angel investor meeting on Dec. 11, likely seated next to a long-time industry pal who built and sold his own business before joining a cloud software provider. Another name/face in the room is a former cloud backup CEO who might me making his next move really soon... Meanwhile, Amy is making similar trips across New England, no doubt hoping to run into Tom Brady along the way...

But ultimately, this isn't about a road trip to the past. It's about building something for the future. And when the future presents itself I promise: You'll know.

Or as J.J. Abrams might put it: When there's an awakening, you'll be sure to feel it.

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