Gartner 2015 Tech Trends Forecast Reality Check

Each November, the world fast forwards past Thanksgiving and stampedes toward (A) holiday shopping and (B) 2015 technology forecasts. This year is no different. Here's an updated Top 10 Technology Forecast from Gartner, along with the After Nines Inc. spin.

10. Computing Everywhere: Gartner says mobile users will receive full computing access from divers environments. Our Spin: Nothing surprising there. The rise of the iPhone (ahem, back in 2007) and the iPhone app store (2008) set this trend in motion -- and it accelerated as third-party tablets and smartphones with app stores came to market.

9. Internet of Things: The big opportunities, according to Gartner, are to "manage, monetize, operate and extend" their services across all IP-enabled devices. Our Spin: We're already tired of the IoT term, but we can't argue with its strategic importance. We're especially interested in companies that manage IoT data -- such as Tellient (check out this podcast interview with Tellient founder Tristan Barnum).

8. 3D Printing: Definitely hot, and HP is finally coming into the market. Our Spin: Don't call it printing. Most "traditional" printer customers are simply looking to print written documents and presentations. 3D printing has "some" overlap with that traditional market, especially for niche users like manufacturers and CAD/CAM users. But ultimately, 3D printing will emerge as a market unto itself.

7. Advanced, Pervasive and Invisible Analytics: Gartner says every app now needs to be an analytic app. Our Spin: Agreed. As we build out every After Nines Inc. service, we're constantly asking ourselves, "How are we going to measure our impact and performance." So, every tool we use, ever service we launch must have an analytics component.

6. Context Rich Systems: Gartner says security systems, in particular, will become context rich. They will recognize a user's location, previous patterns and current needs in order to adjust security accordingly. Travel is another good example: Context rich systems will recognize your geolocation, the local weather, your destination and your overall itinerary to proactively recommend itinerary changes. Our spin: I'll settle for a context rich security system that eliminates my password needs forever.

5. Smart Machines: Gartner says self-driving vehicles, robots and smart personal assistants are coming. Our spin: They're already here. The latest move surfaced this week, when Amazon unveiled Echo, a voice-enabled home assistant

4. Cloud/client computing: Gartner says collaborative information will increasingly be shared across all types of desktop and mobile devices. Our spin: We've got a strange feeling the Apple Watch launch in Spring 2015 will actually succeed and accelerate this trend.

3. Software-defined Applications and Infrastructure: Gartner says enterprises will gain  the ability to scale effortlessly and infinitely. Our spin: Yowzers. That's a pretty lofty statement. Too lofty, in fact. But software-defined networking (SDN) is off to a solid start. I hear EMC/VMware's SDN revenues are already over $100 million...

2. Web-scale IT: Gartner says Enterprise IT organizations will begin to replicate the capabilities of large cloud services providers. Our spin: We disagree. There's no way for internal IT departments to move as quickly as a public cloud provider. We'll explain why in a separate blog soon.

1. Risk-based Security and Self-Protection: This is a cliff-hanger. I've got to run to a business commitment but will return to fill in this item later today.

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