5 Technology Observations to Start Your Day, Nov 4

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Pardon me if I look just a little tired. Our team was up late putting the final touches on our next product launch (we'll unveil it at 9:01 p.m. ET tonight). But before we pull back the curtains on that move, here are five technology news nuggets, rumors, gossip, chatter and tips to start your day for Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014.

9. M&A Rumor Update: Back in October 2014, I mentioned a rumor that Datto was buying Backupify -- uniting a backup and disaster recovery company with a data protection provider focused on Google Apps and other SaaS offerings. I thought the rumor was dead -- until yesterday. A source told me that the deal's execution date is the first week of December. Oh, and here's the interesting twist: General Catalyst -- a venture capital firm where "entrepreneurs invest in entrepreneurs" owns a stake in both companies. Is this a VC rollout? For now, I really can't say because I'm not in direct touch with any of the alleged deal participants. But we'll be watching to see if the deal actually comes together in early December, as my source claims.

8. Show Me The Money: Imagine the following scenario: You build and sell a software company. The buyer is a private equity firm. Part of the deal involves money held in escrow during some type of earn out period. When that period is up, the buyer doesn't release the escrow money to the seller. Why not? Apparently, all the details are in a lawsuit... Though I'm not even sure if the lawsuit exists. If it's real, this could become a Harvard case study on M&A earn outs and more... I'm digging. Stay tuned.

7. Google's Next Cloud Move: If you're evaluating Google Cloud Platform, today is a good day to take a closer look at the company's showdown vs Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. As I've mentioned, you can tune in Google Cloud Platform Live -- a San Francisco-based conference scheduled for today; it will be streamed over the web. Amazon will return fire next week with the AWS re:Invent 2014 conference.

6. Best Wishes to ConnectWise, IT Nation: An open letter to CEO Arnie Bellini, the ConnectWise team and channel partners heading to IT Nation next week: Best wishes for a great show, and thank you for all of the executive access you've offered me since 2008 or so. While I won't be at this year's event, I'm sure the team at MSPmentor, The VAR Guy and Talkin' Cloud will have you covered. 

5. Stock Exchange Meets Cloud Exchange?: What if you could buy and sell compute resources, just like you buy and sell stock on a financial exchange? That's the idea behind UCX -- short for Universal Compute Exchange. Now in beta testing, UCX leverages 6fusion's patented Workload Allocation Cube. What's the potential upside IaaS buyers, sellers and brokers? UCX claims enterprises will gain the ability to manage risks for IT expenses (I wonder if it's similar to futures trading?); access a central price discovery mechanism for IaaS; and create capital efficiencies lacking in today's market. The UCX concept wasn't launched overnight. For deeper details, get in touch with 6fusion VP of product management Rob Bissett. He's been in the know on this for quite some time.

4. Election Day: Go vote.

3. Good Debt?: US small business borrowing in September 2014 reached its highest point in 7.5 years, according to PayNet. The borrowing is actually a good sign, according to PayNet's Bill Phelan -- who says the borrowing shows that the US economy is firming up. More good news: Only 1.57 percent of small businesses with loans are delinquent by 31 to 180 days, PayNet said.

2. Acquired: Congrats to CEO Nicholas Vossburg and CloudBearing. The company, which manages cloud migrations to Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, was acquired by COMPAREX Group, a $2 billion professional services firm. I look forward to hearing the back story about the M&A Deal.

1. Up Next: Tonight's the night. Join us at 9:01 p.m. ET for After Nines Inc.'s next product unveiling. Around that time, we'll pull back the curtain and I'll simply say: "Good Evening, I.T. Entrepreneurs..." -- from there, you're welcome to learn from a range of influential guests...

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