Google Cloud Platform: Ready for Your Business?

When Google Cloud Platform Live kicks off Nov. 4, attendees like me will be seeking an answer to this core question: "Should I.T. entrepreneurs build their businesses atop Google Cloud Platform?"

Google's Brian Stevens (pictured) -- a recent import from Red Hat -- will certainly make a strong case for going Google. But generally speaking, I'd be more inclined to embrace Amazon Web Services since the company is technology agnostic -- aggressively supporting the Windows and Linux ecosystems on equal terms.

Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, meanwhile, claims to be agnostic but I wish there was a closer Microsoft-Red Hat working relationship in place.

For its part, Google seems to have bet the house on open source. I'm just not clear on if or how the company plans to embrace Windows technologies in its cloud.

Bigger Issues Abound

Of course, I.T. entrepreneurs must look far beyond the Windows vs Linux cloud debate. Most folks tuning into the Google event will want to know about:

  • Evolving business models
  • Additional standards support for capabilities like Docker
  • Service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Paid support, such as phone support
  • Dedicated account managers for top-level support
  • Privacy and security, especially amid the NSA's ongoing data gathering and spying efforts.

I suspect many answers to those and other issues will emerge over the next week. First comes Google Cloud Platform Live. Then next week, I'll tune in Amazon AWS re:Invent 2014 from Las Vegas. Together, those shows should give I.T. entrepreneurs a pretty complete picture of where public clouds are heading...

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