AppDynamics: The Next $1 Billion Cloud Company?

AppDynamics says the company's annual run rate for bookings now tops $160 million. To further accelerate business, CEO Jyoti Bansal has introduced a new Application Analytics platform at the company's AppSphere 2014 conference in Las Vegas. But that's not all.

In an exclusive podcast interview with After Nines Inc., Bansal described how AppDynamics has so far raised roughly $200 million -- in a quest to eventually go public and become a $1 billion, cloud-centric company. After Nines Inc. is set to publish that podcast (and others) on Tuesday, Nov. 4, at 9:01 p.m. ET (

What Is Application Intelligence?

Much of the strategy involves a pivot from traditional application monitoring toward so-called application intelligence. The Application Analytics launch reinforces that pivot. Use cases for the new tool, AppDynamics claims, includes:

  • Business impact analysis -- allowing companies to quantify the "dollars and cents" impact of stalls and outages.
  • Business operations monitoring -- in which companies can find the process where a transaction gets stuck, and then resolve it accordingly.
  • Performance analytics -- to pinpoint poor-performing transactions and then adjust accordingly.
  • Customer analytics -- to optimize user engagement and conversations.
  • SLA management -- for real-time reporting on service level agreement performance.

He Goes On the Record

Bansal touches on the new offering during our podcast interview. But then he pulls back the curtain on AppDynamics' history -- from company vision and funding rounds to talent acquisition and engineering. 

When asked about venture capitalist concerns about burn rates in Silicon Valley, Bansal doesn't duck the question. Instead, he talks about AppDynamics' careful cash management, the march to being cash-flow positive, and future milestones like a potential IPO on the path to becoming a $1 billion company.

Check out the podcast -- and our bigger vision for CEO conversations -- when the conversation launches Nov. 4 at 9:01 p.m. ET:

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