5 Technology Observations to Start Your Day, Nov 3

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs and greetings from Long Island -- where I'm preparing for my first business trip under the After Nines Inc. banner. But before I hit the road, here are five technology news stories, rumors, gossip, insights and observations to start your day for Monday, Nov. 3, 2014.

Actually, today's update involves eight key pieces of info...

8. Remember Them?: Publicis, a French advertising firm, has acquired Sapient for $3.7 billion in cash. Sapient was a high-flying web consulting company back during the dot-com boom. While many rivals imploded when the dot-com boom went bust, Sapient muscled through the downturn and ultimately stabilized its business. Still, Sapient shares (about $17.41 on Friday) never returned to the lofty dot-com highs (about $70 in December 1999).

7. Google's Big Week: Keep an eye on Google Cloud Platform on Nov. 4 (Tuesday). The company is expected to outline its longer-term strategy for IaaS and PaaS during a Google Cloud Platform Live gathering. I suspect we're going to hear more about Docker support -- which should allow businesses to more easily move workloads and applications into Google's cloud. In addition to hosting an event in California, Google will open up its New York office to selected guests... Side note: The Google Cloud Platform Live event arrives one week before Amazon's AWS re:invent 2014 conference in Las Vegas. (Memo to Google, Amazon: Thank you for the invites.)

6. How Google Works: Yes, Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg have written a book called How Google Works. If you'd like a quick overview before opening your wallet for the complete edition, check out this slide show overview of the book.

5. Millennial Google Developers: Sorry for the Google overload this morning, but I'm simply mirroring the market -- where more and more of the I.T. entrepreneur discussion involves the search giant's software platforms. A prime example: A Google Developer Group has emerged in the Hudson Valley of New York. SUNY New Paltz, part of the New York college system, hosted a day-long DevFest on Nov. 2. That event included an Android Study Group. And there was a teaser for another special event that will run February-March 2015. This type of Google developer chatter among millennials is emerging in all 50 U.S. States...

4. M&A Talent Grab: Cogent Growth Partners, a buy-side M&A advisory firm, has hired Michael Alligood as operations analyst. Alligood has real-world IT services experience -- having previously owned and operated two companies in the vertical. Special thanks to George Sierchio, VP and senior partner. In recent weeks, Sierchio has mentioned quite a few Cogent hires to me -- suggesting that the M&A market has enjoyed a strong year to date. 

3. Living With Apple Pay: So, you're wondering if you should try Apple Pay -- which transforms your iPhone into a digital wallet and moves your physical credit cards into the digital world. Check out this hands-on Apple Pay review from Fast Company. And if you're an I.T. entrepreneur, think about APIs, APIs and... APIs. Should you plug into Apple Pay? And if so, why? Hint: Key long-term Apple Pay supporters will likely include beacon companies that track customer movements in retail stories...

2. Launch Night: By now, most of After Nines Inc.'s daily readers know we're set to launch something new on Tuesday night, Nov. 4, at 9:01 p.m. ET. My latest hint about the reveal: If you're an I.T. entrepreneur with a headset who wants to hear from tech CEOs and founders who have launched, built, repositioned and sold companies -- well, I think you get the picture. Well, maybe not the picture. Instead, just open your ears to our next move. Special thanks to CEOs and founders representing such companies as AppDynamics, Tellient, and Zimbra.

1. Speaking of AppDynamics: The fast-growing application performance management (APM) company is talking more and more about a pivot in the market. The key opportunity involves application intelligence. During the company's AppSphere 2014 conference this week in Las Vegas, the company introduced Application Analytics. What does that mean for the company's user base? We've got the answers -- CEO Jyoti Bansal shares an update with our, ahem, "listeners" on Nov. 4 at 9:01 p.m. ET.

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