5 Technology Observations to Start Your Day, Nov 17

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. It's rainy here on Long Island. Yada, yada, yada. Here are five technology news nuggets, rumors, chatter, insights and gossip to start your day for Monday, Nov. 17., 2014.

Actually, today's lineup includes 10 updates...

10. Reality Check: When you're using a smartphone, 86 percent of your time is spent in apps, and only 14 percent spent on the Web, according to mobile-analytics company Flurry. But I wonder: If you take the three or four most popular social apps out of the equation (say, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.), what's the balance between apps and Web at that point?

9. Startup Vacation: During our previous startup, I think it was about two years before Amy Katz and I each took days off. This time around, we're treating the business like a marathon and not a sprint. And next week's stage of the marathon calls for an extended Thanksgiving holiday vacation.

8. Ello Again: It has been several weeks since I signed into Ello, the aspiring Facebook alternative that promises not to become bogged down with commercial messages. But each day, I seem to be attracting more followers. Perhaps they view my silence as golden? Or, perhaps it's time for me to sign back into the system to see how it has evolved over the past month...

7. Social Tune Up: As we continue to build out After Nines Inc.'s social presence, we're testing a range of social media tracking tools. One of them is SumAll, which sends us daily and weekly recaps of our Twitter momentum. It's a nice tool for I.T. entrepreneurs and startup businesses that want quick-hit stats without having to hire a marketing department to build together deep reporting on Twitter activity.

6. Facebook Gets Down to Business: Rumor has it the social media giant is developing Facebook at Work, which will allow users to keep their personal profile separate from their work profile, according to Financial Times. At first glance, it sounds like Facebook is merely trying to compete with LinkedIn. But I'm intrigued, especially since so many of my Facebook communications now include work updates...

5. Those Career Moves: On Friday, Nov. 14, After Nines Inc. noted that many of our industry sources are planning career moves between now and early January 2015 ("Dear Joe, I'm Changing Jobs"). Now, some of those career changers are publicly confirming the moves. Congrats to Adriana Scalora and Cheryl Wood on your new positions. We'll be sharing more scoops about career changers, soon.

4. CEOs on the Record: Reminder. Former Kaseya CEO Gerald Blackie and current Boundary CEO Gary Read both will go on the record during our Nov. 18 podcasts, "Good Evening, I.T. Entrepreneurs." Visit www.AfterNines.com/CEO at 9:01 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Nov. 18, to hear the conversations.

  • Blackie describes the start, middle and end of his time at Kaseya while also sharing some clues about next moves.
  • Read, meanwhile, offers up a two-part conversation. On focuses on Boundary's ability to monitor AWS and other clouds. The other is a detailed recap of Boundary's $22 million Series C funding -- how it all came together.
  • Side note: We're also working to publish a podcast with Cisco Systems veteran Lisa Marie Jenkins -- who exited the corporate world to build her own business. We had a small technical glitch with that recording but hope to bring it to you soon.

3. Attention Mobile Entrepreneurs: Google is set to host Chrome Dev Summit Nov. 19-20 in Mountain View, Calif. Can't make the trip? Then turn into the live feed. Also, Google Developer Groups across the U.S. will be hosting local gatherings (an "Online Viewing Party") to tune in the summit.

2. Rumor Central: At least two IT management software companies with revenues between $100 million and $200 million are working to launch potential Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in 2015. However, details about the potential IPOs remain largely undisclosed because of recent SEC rules that allow smaller businesses to avoid numerous disclosure hassles ahead of the potential IPO. 

1. Google Apps Backup - Hot or Hype?: SysCloud has scored $2.5 million in Series A funding. The company focuses on Google Apps cloud backup, and competes with Backupify -- which Datto allegedly plans to acquire in December 2014 (see No. 7 here). Oh, and one more thing: I'm hearing rumors about another key move in this market, which I hope to share sometime in early December.

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