"Dear Joe: I'm Changing Jobs"

Over the past two weeks, I've heard from dozens of industry sources -- mostly VPs at big technology companies and CXOs at small or midsize firms. They all have one thing in common -- a potential career move that will likely unfold between now and the first two weeks of January 2015. Who's on the move, and what's driving the career changes? Here are some clues.

First, let's talk about the career movers.

On the record, it's a safe bet former Kaseya CEO Gerald Blackie will wind up leading a new company in Q1 2015. To get the past, present and a hint about the future directly from Blackie, tune in to our next Good Evening, I.T. Entrepreneurs podcast (Tuesday, Nov. 18, 9:01 p.m.). You'll find it here: www.afternines.com/ceo. You'll also hear more and more from Gavin Garbutt; the former CEO of N-able Technologies has emerged in two completely different market segments (more details to come). 

Off the record and don't tell anyone (wink, wink), VPs from a range of private and publicly held, mid-size cloud and IT management companies are preparing career moves. Some are tired of waiting for a big payday (translation: no IPO or M&A deal in sight). Others yearn to return to their start-up roots.

So what's driving many of the near-term career changes (assuming they all happen)? The answers typically include:

  • Road warriors who are tired of drumming up sales at the same IT conferences each and every year.
  • SMB experts who have maxed out current revenue opportunities at their current jobs, and aren't sure how to attack the revenue challenge from a different angle.
  • Executives who exited their previous companies one or more years ago, and are now ready to put a few new irons into the fire.
  • An improving IT job market -- especially as hardware executives look to leap to cloud and mobile players.

You'll notice: None of the career moves I've heard about involved base salary as the primary concern.

Admittedly, I've omitted many of the career jumper names from this blog. But the moves are coming. As are the public announcements. Stay tuned. We'll match names with faces and new job titles when the time is right. And if you're making a move I don't know about, give me a shout (joe@AfterNines.com). We can keep it off the record -- until the time is right.

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