5 Technology Observations to Start Your Day, Nov 14

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Before I unplug for the weekend, here are five technology news nuggets, insights, rumors, gossip and chatter to start your day for Friday, Nov. 14, 2014.

Actually, today's update involves nine items...

9. Venture Funding Secrets: How do you ask venture capitalists for $22 million? And even more importantly, how do you secure the funding on reasonable terms? Boundary CEO Gary Read shares answers to those and other questions during Good Evening, I.T. Entrepreneurs -- our Tuesday, Nov. 18, podcast at 9:01 p.m. ET.

8. Watching for New Code: Several I.T. entrepreneurs looking at the wearable market keep asking me -- where is Apple's WatchKit SDK for developers? Back in October, Apple said the software development kit would launch in November. That SDK, along with its HomeKit and HealthKit cousins, could provide the foundation for next-generation mobile apps.

But so far, WatchKit is missing in action and Apple Watch -- the actual device -- has gone from an "early 2015" launch to a Spring 2015 launch... One reason for the apparent delay: The FTC has been asking Apple about health data protection, seeking assurances that user data will be fully protected -- a healthy reminder for IT gurus moving into the health care vertical: Regulations will surely slow your progress so plan accordingly.

7. Out of Focus: Meanwhile, there are signs that developers and entrepreneurs are giving up on the potential Google Glass market. I'm hardly surprised. My Google Glass sits on a shelf behind me, a constant reminder of money poorly spent...

6. What's Worse Than The NSA?: So, you were already worried about the government's big digital spy agency. Now comes word that The Justice Department is using airplanes equipped with cellphone-like towers to snoop on criminal suspects -- but the spying may also pick up phone conversations and data from innocent Americas, according to The Wall Street Journal.

5. Social Garbage?: Twitter's debt has been rated as "Junk" by Standard & Poor's Rating Services. The financial firm predicted Twitter "may not generate positive discretionary cash flow until 2016." My reaction? Hey Twitter, the dot-com bubble called. They want their business model back -- but please keep sending After Nines Inc. daily traffic. Oh, and just for an encore: What's this about Alibaba planning to raise $8 billion in a bond sale?

4. OpenStack Revenues: I recently predicted that the OpenStack market bubble will soon pop -- similar to how the Linux bubble popped around 1999 or 2000. A growing list of companies offer OpenStack distributions -- allowing customers and service providers to more easily build public or private clouds. A few distributions will succeed. Most will fail. Who will become the Red Hat of OpenStack? Maybe Red Hat itself. Or perhaps HP, EMC or Cisco -- each of which now has OpenStack technologies in house. But the real company to watch could be Mirantis. Sources say the OpenStack consulting firm is generating $1 million in revenues per week. It's just a rumor... but just the type of rumor I love. Checking it out now.

3. Cloud Backup's Next Chapter: Hush, hush for now... Potential insights soon. You know the obvious angle: Storage pricing wars are going to kill a few companies. But that's not the angle I'm investigating...

2. Smartphone Security Standard?: What if you could deploy a single security standard across Apple iPhone, Android, Windows and BlackBerry smartphones? That's what BlackBerry CEO John Chen is pitching to CIOs these days. 

1. Dead? Really?: Did anybody else here that CA Technologies has killed/will kill Nimsoft on Demand -- the SaaS version of the popular IT management tool? I could be wrong, so file this under "rumor." I'll check it out.

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