5 Technology Observations to Start Your Day, Nov 10

Good morning, I.T. entrepreneurs. Here are five technology news nuggets, insights, observations, gossip and rumors to start your day for Monday, Nov. 10, 2014.

Actually, today's update involves seven items:

7. Tune In: Our latest podcast conversations  -- where technology CEOs educate I.T. entrepreneurs -- are set to go live Tuesday night, Nov. 11., at 9:01 p.m. ET. Who steps up to the microphone this time for "Good Evening, I.T. Entrepreneurs"? Check out our complete podcast schedule here: www.afternines.com/ceo.

6. Uniting On Email?: What if union members could use their employers' email systems to discuss their wage, compensation and benefits goals? At present, union members don't have a protected "right" to use their corporate email for virtual union discussions and, potentially, union rallies. But the National Labor Relations Board is taking a close look at the situation. My spin: I'm  going to plead the fifth on this one... at least for this blog entry...

5. Don't Clip Angel Investors Wings: A debate within the Angel Investor ecosystem is now splashing onto Main Street, U.S.A. To be an "accredited investor" or a true Angel, you need to make $200,000 annually for at least the past two years (or $300,000 annually for couples). You also qualify if you have at least $1 million in net worth (not including your primary residence). But that definition was set in 1982, and some pundits now want to increase the financial requirements. Many angel groups are fighting any potential changes, however, since the result could reduce the number of Angels funding startups. Personally, I hope there are no changes to the definition. Long live Angels. Instead of clipping their wins, let's thank them for funding tomorrow's employers. P.S. Some angels are even fighting to Lower the Accreditation thresholds

4. The Real Economic Problem: Consider these financial realities. Since the economic recovery began in 2009, inflation-adjusted figures show that the economy has grown by 12 percent, corporate profits are up 46 percent; the stock market is up 92 percent; and median household income has declined by 3 percent, according to The New York Times. Translation: Wages aren't growing. Many big companies are sitting on billions in profits. And small companies -- particularly I.T. entrepreneurs just getting started -- can't afford to deliver big annual raises to employees. Anybody care to meet on middle ground: How about a bonus structure or profit sharing so employees share the upside when times are good, without employers worrying about writing big checks when times are not so good?

3. Hotel WiFi Can't Keep Secrets: If you travel to Asia and you use Hotel WiFi, you could be targeted by hackers who want to lift your data, according to Kaspersky Lab. My question: Is this so-called Darkhotels Hack limited to Asia? What's to stop similar hacks in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere.

2. Under the Big Top: Several major IT conferences arrive this week, including IT Nation 2014 (expect coverage on MSPmentor), Amazon AWS re:invent 2014, and CAWorld 2014. What are the big themes out of re:invent and CAWorld? We've got some details... and we'll share the scoops soon.

1. Want to Meet?: I'll be in New York City on Thursday, Nov. 13, to meet with several I.T. startups seeking funding. I'll also be sitting down with the former CEO of a major cloud backup company to see what he's up... to... next... That said, I have some free time on Nov. 13 if you'd like to grab coffee in Manhattan if you'd like to grab coffee and talk shop. Just drop me an email: Joe@AfterNines.com with the subject line "Manhattan."

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