5 Tech Observations to Start Your Day, Oct 9

By now our daily readers are getting used to the drill. Here are five technology observations, news nuggets, rumors and gossip to start your day for Oct. 9, 2014.

Actually, today's list includes nine news nuggets:

9. IPO Market Slowdown?: Yes, the overall IPO market remains red hot. But take a closer look and you'll notice there are at least 49 U.S. venture-capital backed companies with a valuation of $1 billion or more, according to The Wall Street Journal. So why haven't those 49 companies launched IPOs yet? One answer comes from AppDynamics CEO Jyoti Bansal -- who told The Journal that he expects the value of his company to keep growing. My only question: If stocks and Silicon Valley companies experience a major correction, will the privately funded companies miss their most ideal IPO windows?

8. HubSpot IPO Preview: In stark contrast to the item above, HubSpot won't be private much longer. To preview the inbound marketing company's IPO -- expected today -- check out this SeekingAlpha article. When Amy Katz and I co-launched After Nines Inc. in September 2014, a lot of pundits told us to leverage Hubspot for our own marketing activities. But for a day-one startup we thought it was overkill. We're using several other tools, but we've got our eye on Hubspot and we're confident we can transition to that platform if/when the time is right. 

7. Angel Investors You Can't Ignore: Yes, women face bias and artificial glass ceilings in the workplace -- particularly in the tech sector. What's the most effective way to address and destroy those biases? I continue to believe the answer involves angel investors who are women. I've blogged quite a bit about my membership at Golden Seeds -- which only invests in women-led startups. But take a closer look and you'll see a growing network of women funding and running some of the world's most innovative startups. Are woman better managers and executives than men? That's not my point. Rather, study after study suggests that corporate diversity -- in executive offices and in the boardroom -- delivers better overall business results.

6. Speaking of Female Angels: Barbara Corcoran, star of the show Shark Tank, will take questions about her angel investment experience during a Onevest webcast on Oct. 15. Only the first 1,000 registrants -- all accredited angels -- will be granted access to the webcast. So if you register be sure to arrive early -- but not before me.

5. Health Care Debate: Open enrollment for year two of Obamacare begins in November. Predictably, the government is promising that HeathCare.gov will not repeat last year's debacle, according to the Chicago Tribune. But what about the debacle that continues within corporate America? An example: WalMart delivered $4.2 billion in NET INCOME during its most recent quarter, but Walmart is cutting health care benefits for about 30,000 part time workers. Yes, businesses face rising health care costs, but how come rival CostCo is able to maintain its health care coverage, pay better wages than Walmart and still perform well on Wall Street? I don't have the answers but i do know this: As a small business entrepreneur, health care coverage remains my household's single biggest monthly expense.

4. Find Tomorrow's Coolest Products -- Today: Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen is lining up behind Product Hunt, which helps visitors to find "The best new products, every day. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations." Similar to how Reddit helps visitors to find and promote the hottest web content, Product Hunt curates and aggregates the hottest product information.

3. Google for Work Strategy - Instant Replay: Google earlier this month hosted an online conference -- called Atmosphere Live -- to discuss its business strategy and modern CIO needs. If you missed the discussion, you can catch Google Atmosphere Live archived here.

2. Cisco CEO Successor Shortlist- Updated: Yesterday, After Nines Inc. mentioned that Cisco's current reorg will likely set the stage for a CEO transition. But who will succeed John Chambers? We've had our eyes on both Chuck Robbins and Rob Lloyd -- two senior Cisco execs with deep sales and product expertise. After reading our report yesterday, a trusted source said Chambers is leaning toward Robbins as his CEO in waiting, and Chambers may stick around a bit longer to further groom Robbins for the role.

1. Teaser Alert: Ever wonder how tech CEOs formulate their corporate acceleration and exit strategies? Stay tuned. After Nines Inc. is pulling together something special in this area.

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