IT Security Leaders: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

So, I've been busy working on the After Nines Inc. buildout with Amy Katz. At the same time, I'm shaking off some blogger rust. It has been about five or six months since I was heads-down blogging at all hours of the day. But I've got a backlog of pitches in my inbox. One of them includes a closer look at the ever changing IT security market -- where companies like Cisco Systems, Intel Security (formerly McAfee) and Symantec are in evolution mode.

Consider these recent moves:

Big Dollars Up for Grabs

As one pundit told me, "Cisco, Intel Security and Symantec make up about one-third of the security market's annual revenue. In a brief four-day window, Intel Security gained a new leader, Symantec gained a new CEO and Cisco lost its [security] leader -- proving just how crazy the security market is today."

Crazy -- or awaiting new market leadership? After all, companies like Cisco Systems and Juniper scrambled to issue security updates to close the recent Bash vulnerability. Moreover, enterprise giants like The Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase, and Target are still feeling bruised from hacks that lifted customer information. The JPMorgan hack even involved small business data.

At this point, dozens of software, hardware and cloud startups are striving to solve security riddles that Cisco, Intel Security and Symantec have yet to address. 

Hello, Again

Still, i'm intrigued to see what the entrenched market leaders do next.

Intel Security is particularly interesting, since security capabilities are increasingly moving from the software layer -- burned directly into the hardware layer. Intel Security also has reach across consumers, small and large enterprises.

Surely, Symantec enjoys similar reach -- but the company's efforts to promote both security and storage have never been fully realized.

And as for Cisco Systems? That company's foray into the small business and consumer markets largely failed, leaving Cisco to focus on larger enterprise security needs. 

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