5 Tech Observations to Start Your Day, Oct 7

Greetings from my home office somewhere on Long Island's North Shore. My inbox is filled with the latest technology news, gossip and chatter. Now, it's time for me to pass along some of that information -- plus my own insights -- to you. So here's the 9:01 blog for Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014.

Whoops. Instead of sharing five tech observations... here are nine:

9. More EMC/HP Discussions?: Yes, Hewlett-Packard has confirmed plans to break into two companies. But in an interesting twist, CFO Cathie Lesjak apparently stated that HP still has "material nonpublic information" that will prevent a share buyback. SeekingAlpha's speculation: Perhaps the nonpublic information involves potential M&A discussions between HP's enterprise business and EMC. The HP-EMC discussions, which were thought to be dead, first surfaced publicly about a month ago.

8. Career Move: Former Parallels Chief Marketing Officer John Zanni has jumped to Acronis as SVP of cloud and hosting sales. Zanni helped Parallels to promote its hosting and cloud orchestration software to telcos and emerging service providers. It's a safe bet Zanni will help Acronis to promote its backup software to service providers, as well.

7. Healthcare in the Cloud: Still think Amazon Web Services (AWS) is only for DevOps and basic infrastructure as a service (IaaS) apps? Guess again. In New York, a new meetup group especially for healthcare professionals focused on AWS has just launched. Yes, corporate compliance will be among the key themes the group covers.

6. The Periodic Table of Tech Investing: Want to know the leading angel investors and venture capitalists focused on the high-tech market? Then check out this so-called Periodic Table of Tech Investing from CB Insights. It lists 118 investment organizations that pump money into tech startups.

5. HubSpot IPO: The inbound marketing company is expected to raise about $120 million this week. According to Boston Business Journal, HubSpot's 2013 revenue was $77.6 million, but the company had net losses in 2013 ($34.3 million); 2012 ($18.8 million) and 2011 ($24.4 million). I've heard rave reviews about HubSpot from several customers. But I'd like to see a smoother path to profitability, especially since many venture capitalists are raising concerns about startup burn rates and IT company valuations.

4. iPhone 6 Sales Update: Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales are rapidly approaching 20 million units, according to a Forbes article that analyzes iPhone 6 sales data and anecdotes from across the industry. Clearly, Bendgate and a buggy iOS 8 software release didn't scare off customers. I'm still waiting for my iPhone 6 Plus to arrive. I'll share more thoughts on my ecosystem choices (Apple vs Google) in the days ahead.

3. Less U.S. Spying, More Privacy?: Keep an eye on June 1, 2015. That's when Section 215 of the Patriot Act is set to expire. The potential result, according to The Guardian: The NSA will lose the legal pretext for its bulk domestic phone records dragnet. And the FBI will lose its post-9/11 powers to obtain vast amounts of business records relevant to terrorism or espionage investigations. To preempt those issues, the Senate could pass the USA Freedom Act after the midterm elections. But we all know how slowly the Senate has been moving in recent years...

2. Meet Me In Manhattan?: I'll be in New York City on Thursday, Oct. 9., to attend a Golden Seeds angel investor meeting. If you're also in Manhattan and potentially want to meet that day, feel free to send me an email: Joe@AfterNines.com.

1. Tune In Today: Mike Elgan, Jason Howell and I are set to co-anchor Tech News Today at 1pm ET/10am PT today. You can watch the Netcast (a live video podcast) by visiting http://live.twit.tv or check out the archived recording at http://www.twit.tv/tnt. The Netcast typically covers big tech news of the day -- across Apple, Google, Facebook and more.

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