5 Tech Observations to Start Your Day, Oct 6

Greetings from a Chevy dealership somewhere on the south shore of Long Island. While I'm waiting for the family truckster to be serviced, here are five technology news stories, rumors, gossip and chatter to start your day for Monday, Oct. 6, 2014.

Actually, today's list focuses on seven news nuggets and insights. Take a look....

7. HP Breakup Confirmed: In case you missed it, Hewlett-Packard has confirmed plans to break into two companies. One will focus on PCs and printers; the other on enterprise-class technologies and IT services. I like the strategy... but it comes three to five years after most pundits started calling for such a move. And of course the big question remains: Even as two companies, can HP One and HP Two find growth opportunities?

6. Was Steve Jobs All Wrong?: So, a Rabbi, a Catholic dude and Steve Jobs sit down for a podcast. The Catholic dude (that's me) moderates the conversation. When talking about career choices, Steve Jobs proclaims, "Do what you love." At first, the Catholic dude agrees. That is, until the Rabbi says Steve Jobs has it all wrong. What is this all about? It involves a column I read this weekend -- penned by a Rabbi. I'll be back with more details and new perspectives on life priorities later today.

5. Yahoo Falls for Snapchat?: It looks like Yahoo is trying to repeat some Alibaba investment magic, this time by pumping money into Snapchat. At least, that's the rumor. Yahoo's early stake in Alibaba allowed the company to buy some time amid a multi-year turnaround strategy. Indeed, Alibaba's recent IPO apparently allowed Yahoo to pocket billions of dollars. Will Snapchat deliver similar returns? First, let's wait to see if such a deal will really materialize.

4. Tech Startup Bubble Growing Bigger?: Yet another warning about Silicon Valley startup spending has emerged. According to today's Wall Street Journal, venture capitalists are seeing a "Growing Trend of High Salaries and Pricey Offices as Venture Capital Pours into Tech Firms." After Nines Inc. has mentioned this new tech bubble multiple times in recent weeks -- especially as warnings from Fred Wilson, a respected New York venture capitalist, emerged. (See warning in #6, here.) In my day to day dealings with startups seeking angel investor money, I'm finding more and more executives who expect enterprise-class salaries rather than startup-mode salaries. Something has to give -- but it won't be my wallet, at least until there's a correction in the market.

3. Tech Earnings: Watch for Adtran, a midsize networking company, to deliver Q3 earnings results on Wed., Oct. 15. Adtran has already warned that its Q3 results will be weaker than expected. The company blamed soft spending in Europe and in the enterprise space -- though it sounds like carrier spending is picking up a bit. The bigger question: Is the networking market soft, or is Adtran losing momentum to giants like Cisco Systems? I'm betting it's simply a case of soft networking demand.

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