5 Tech Observations to Start Your Day, Oct 3

Greetings, once again, from my final day near Orlando, Fla. It's nearly time for me to head home. But before I race off to that flight, here are five technology news stories, gossip, observations, insights and chatter to start your day for Friday, Oct. 3, 2014.

Actually, today's list has 11 entries. Here you go:

11. On the Move: Former IBMer Andy Monshaw (pictured), a trusted source of mine, has joined Pulse Secure as CEO. Congrats on the move, Andy. I look forward to hearing more -- especially the MobileSpaces acquisition.

10. Reader Comments: We're received quite a few. Most involve my mid-life jog, during which I re re-prioritized my life. Readers also weighed in on why the world needs more fairies and pirates. And quite a few folks weighed in on the original After Nines Inc. launch announcement. Keep the feedback coming. We enjoy the conversation.

9. Will Cheap Sell?: The era of sub-$100 Windows phones has arrived. But will low-cost smartphones running Microsoft's operating system actually sell in large volumes? I doubt it. Just look at Amazon Fire smartphone -- which now sells for $0.99; that's right. Ninety-nine cents. Until Windows delivers something truly revolutionary in the smartphone market, the entrenched leaders will remain you know who (Google Android), and you know who else at a price premium (Apple).

8. JPMorgan Data Breach: Eighty-three million accounts apparently were exposed. This is more than a consumer privacy and data protection story. Small businesses should also be concerned. Check the After Nines Inc. blog later today for my reasoning.

7. Facebook and Health Records?: Apparently, Facebook has health care ambitions. Indeed, the social network plans to launch a range of online communities for users with various ailments, Reuters said. I've got two thoughts: First, will there be a community for Facebook addicts? (Or is that redundant with the existing Facebook social network?) Second, do I really want to share information about my health records with Facebook?

6. Derek Jeter's Digital Man Cave: So, The Player's Tribune will allow professional athletes to speak directly to fans. Sounds like a great opportunity for A-Rod -- Jeter's old pal -- to share his misquotes without any editorial filters in the way. Think that will happen?

5. Aim High: Memo to thousands of assistant reporters and associate editors who are struggling to get raises and promotions in the collapsing market for journalists: If you work long and hard enough perhaps you can be a senior editor -- just like Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.

4. Rich Dude Fight Club: Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has responded to Apple CEO Tim Cook's claims and anti-Google jabs about IT security. I don't really care about the squabble. I do care about continued fierce competition between Google and Apple. In many ways, the iPhone fell behind Samsung smartphones. Imagine how lame the iPhone could have become without the competitive wake-up call?

3. Small Business IT Support: Small businesses added 10,000 new jobs in September 2014, making for more than 715,000 jobs added since March 2010, according to Intuit. That's a healthy reminder for anyone offering IT consulting or support to a small business. Check in with your clients now to see if they've added headcount, then adjust your fees upward.

2. Next Stop: I will be in Manhattan on Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014. Want to potentially meet? Just send me an email (joe@afternines.com) with the subject line "NY Meeting Request."

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That's all for now. Thanks for your readership.