5 Tech Observations to Start Your Day, Oct 17

Greetings from my new home data center -- a fancy term that covers my new NAS storage system serving up an endless stream of classic rock. Oh, and here's what you were looking for: Five technology observations, news nuggets, gossip, insights and chatter for Friday, Oct. 17, 2014.

Actually, today's entry involves 11 nuggets. Here you go:

11. Happy Anniversary: After Nines Inc. turned one month old last week. Only 99.999% of business startups survive this long. We're pretty pumped. In case you missed the back story, here's our launch announcement from Sept. 2014, and here's what Amy and I did with our time off before the launch.

10. Leap of Faith: Imagine dropping out of college to join a company, and within a few months your employer launches the biggest tech IPO in history (to that point). Well, I spoke with a Chief Marketing Officer yesterday who had that exact experience. What did she learn from the IPO... a future company sale... and two additional startups? After Nines Inc. will share the exclusive conversation soon.

9. Cryptic Text: The CEO from a major east coast software/technology company texted me last night. He's in a buying mood. But what is he looking to scoop up -- especially at a time when tech IPOs are heading for a deep freeze? I'm checking to see if I can share the answers...

8. Apple HomeKit, WatchKit: Missing & Arriving Soon: Amid the new Apple Pay, Mac and iPad launches yesterday, don't think Tim Cook shared any new details about Apple HomeKit -- which will allow software developers to tie home appliances into Apple's ecosystem. But he did describe an Apple WatchKit SDK... coming in November. Apple Watch, as you may recall, is slated to ship early next year.

7. Speaking of Tim Cook: Has anybody else noticed that Apple's CEO speaks a bit like the late painter, Bob Ross, during keynotes?

6. Why I Love My Job: See the bullet point above and the video. 

5. Google Earnings - No Cause for Panic?: Google delivered Q3 earnings results yesterday. Profits were below analyst expectations. But pundits like Leigh Drogen on SeekingAlpha say you shouldn't freak out about Google's 2 percent cost per click decline. My bigger, wilder question: Should Google spin out its Google for Work business -- just to show just how darn quickly that business is growing? Or would such a move expose just how much money Google is potentially losing in the cloud and SaaS application markets?

4. Cloud File Sharing - The Big Squeeze: You likely know that Box delayed its IPO, and NSA secret leaker Edward Snowden has told consumers not to use DropBox, alleging security and privacy concerns. I don't agree with Snowden's advice (am I foolish?) but... I have gradually cooled to some cloud services. And I also think it will be increasingly difficult for cloud file sharing services to make a profit when Amazon, Google and Microsoft are constantly slashing storage prices. Also, keep in mind: Google says Drive for Work is attracting 1,800 business signups per week, and Google Drive now has nearly 250 million users, according to yesterday's earnings call.

3. Goodbye Cable TV, Hello Internet Cable Aggregator (ICA): HBO and CBS both are launching full-blown, internet-based content subscription services. So, imagine if there was an online mall where you can point and click to just the streaming services you want -- ESPN, CBS, CNBC, etc. -- then it all gets rolled up and packaged into one discounted bill. I call it an Internet Cable Aggregator. Does such a company exist? If so, please introduce me."

2. Microsoft Cloud Moves: CEO Satya Nadella (pictured) is set to update Microsoft's cloud strategy next week in San Francisco. Among the recent moves worth watching: A partnership with Docker -- which makes so-called software container technology. Docker allows companies to more easily build and move their applications from one server or cloud to another. It's sort of like next-generation virtualization. Red Hat Veteran Roger Egan took a leap of faith earlier this year and jumped to Docker. That's when I got intrigued. Looks like Egan made a great move. Watch for Docker support to surface in Microsoft's cloud in the coming months.

1. Been There, Done That: Want to hear from tech CEOs who have managed every stage of an IT company buildout -- launch, seed funding, angel funding, IPO, M&A, exit, etc.? Now that After Nines Inc. has your attention, we intend to retain it -- putting you in the room for executive conversations you've never heard before. Stay tuned.

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