Apple HomeKit: Yes Please

Yes, I want my smartphone to control my home's locks, lights, cameras, doors, thermostats, plugs and more (as Mashable would point out). The big question: Will I embrace Google Nest, hold out for Apple HomeKit, or cobble together a range of third-party solutions?

I hope to gain some answers if/when Apple actually makes a big splash with HomeKit. But if you're talking about shipping HomeKit products, so far the lights are off and nobody's home. As Mashable points out:

"HomeKit isn't just a platform waiting for developers to create compatible apps. Manufacturers must work with chip suppliers and others not only to integrate the hardware but also to ensure privacy and easy setup. Overall, the process takes longer for those developing hard goods. When Apple announced its new programming language, Swift, earlier this year, people were developing apps with the new code in a matter of hours. There are simply more moving components when it comes to integrating hardware."

Still, we could get a major HomeKit preview or launch during Apple's next big media gathering -- set for tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 16). I'm hoping to see something that ties together my Apple TV, smartphone and tablets.

Admittedly, I took a calculated risk last month when I opted for an iPhone 6 Plus purchase rather than jumping to the Android ecosystem. Yes, we've got plenty of "Google" inspired technologies in our home -- a Chromebox, a Chromebook, and Android tablets. But the smartphone is where the heart is. And so far, we remain an all iPhone home.

And that means we'll likely lean toward HomeKit offerings -- when they arrive. In the meantime, we'll continue locking our doors the old fashion way. How downright antiquated... Or not.