5 Tech Observations to Start Your Day, Oct 14

Greetings. The After Nines Inc. team enjoyed the Columbus Day holiday. But now we're back in work mode. Here are five technology news nuggets, insights, rumors, chatter and gossip for Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014.

Actually, today's list has 11 entries. Read on...

11. Intel Earnings: They're expected later today. We'll be watching to see how the chip giant's mobile (i.e., tablet, smartphone) and data center initiatives are paying off. Plus, don't forget the growing Intel wearable initiative. And the classic PC market is transitioning to so-called two-in-one devices. Still, deep pocketed investors sound concerned about the overall chip market.

10. Fiber Bandwidth IPO? Zayo Group is expected to pursue a $650 million IPO (initial public offering) this week. The company has been busy buying up infrastructure businesses -- spending $4 billion on 32 deals across Europe and the US. The largest was AboveNet for $2.2 billion, according to DailyCamera. In its most recent quarter, Zayo lost nearly $180 million on $1.1 billion in revenues, DailyCa

9. NSA Springs Another Leak?: Whistleblower Edward Snowden may not be the only person leaking secrets about the NSA (National Security Agency). In a new documentary film called Citizenfour, a journalist seems to hint that there's a second source sharing the NSA's secrets with journalists. After telling the world about the NSA's secret spying capabilities, Snowden -- accused of espionage -- is now hiding in Russia. But who and where is the other alleged source?

8. Privacy Guidance: Oh, and by the way. If you want to maintain any type of personal privacy, Snowden says you should avoid using apps from Google, Facebook and consumer file sharing services like Dropbox. Ouch. It sounds like the only safe approach these days is to turn of your cell connection, WiFi and Ethernet link. Long live standalone mode?

7. Break Up Cisco? No Way: Hewlett-Packard is preparing to break into two companies. Symantec will break into two companies as well. Is Cisco Systems next on the breakup list? Several pundits say that would be a good idea. I say no way. Here's why.

6. Teens and Smartwatches: If you're an Apple investor here's cause for concern. It sounds like teens just aren't very interested in the smartwatch trend, and perhaps not even Apple Watch -- expected to ship in 2015 -- can change that. Generally speaking, I think the smartwatch market will fall short of expectations. But I do smartwatches finding a niche with teens. How many kids would have said they wanted a "smartphone" before Apple invented the iPhone... and then delivered the App store?

5. Women Entrepreneurs: More Momentum: I've said it before and I'll say it again... While big companies struggle to close pay discrepancies, many women are moving on and charting their own course forward. One destination I often mention is Golden Seeds, an angel network that only invests in women-led startups. (Not because they dislike men. On the contrary, Golden Seeds sees boardroom diversity as the key to better-forming businesses.) Another organization to watch, especially if you're in Texas: Women@Austin, where women meet to brainstorm and network in an entrepreneurial setting.

4. NoSQL Has Four Killer Apps: NoSQL -- non-relational database management systems from companies like MongoDB and DataStax -- continue to gain momentum. Forrester Research predicts NoSQL adoption will double within enterprises from now through 2017. The four big opportunities, according to Forrester, involve: 

  • Operational databases supporting new generation operational analytics, including real-time and predictive analytics.
  • Stream processing that needs to scale across many nodes in a clustered configuration.
  • Databases supporting low latency ad hoc queries for mission-critical applications.
  • Management and storage of increasing volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Roll them all together, and the four bullets essentially position NoSQL as a great platform for Big Data applications.

3. Tech Earnings: IBM and Google each are expected to announce quarterly earnings results on Thursday, Oct. 16. We'll be watching to see if IBM has strengthened its core software, IT services and high-end server revenues -- after selling its x86 server business to Lenovo. Meanwhile, Google earnings could provide new revenue clues tied to Google Apps for Work and Google Android Wear.

2. IBM Watson Revenue Question: IBM is wisely dancing around Watson revenue questions -- preferring to say that the artificial intelligence and analytics technology is making financial progress. After Nines Inc. last week criticized IBM's earlier Watson revenue predictions. It sounds like Big Blue is finally starting to realize that the more you say about long-term dollars and cents, the more the media holds those bold statements against you when near-term revenues and profits disappoint investors.

1. CEOs In the Know: What is After Nines Inc. doing next? Roughly a dozen tech CEOs and CMOs already know the answer to that riddle. Alas, we're not quite ready to answer the riddle publicly. But perhaps we'll pull back the curtain in time for the holidays -- or maybe even before them.

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