5 Tech Observations to Start Your Day, Oct 10

Welcome back. The crowd arriving for our 9:01 blog is getting larger each day (someday, I'll share the metrics...). In the meantime, here are five technology news nuggets, rumors, gossip, observations and insights to start your day for Friday, Oct. 10, 2014.

Actually, today's list covers eight items...

8. Isn't it (Painfully) Ironic, Don't You Think?: Early yesterday, I blogged about the fact that women are taking control of their IT careers by working with angel investor groups like Golden Seeds. My point was this: Instead of waiting for traditional businesses and systems to get better, women should break out on their own and define the next-generation systems that thrive via team diversity. For those who are too nervous to define the system, you can always take Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's lame advice. Yesterday, when responding to an audience question about fair pay, he told an audience of women that women don't need to ask for raises because they need to trust the system to pay them well. Nadella later apologized and retracted the comment, saying his answer to the question was dead wrong...

7.  Why I Love the 9:01 Blog: I don't know what the next bullet point will be until I write it. Really, truly. The bullet below is unscripted. But I'm checking my email and voicemail now for ideas.

6. Microsoft Surface Turns the Corner. Or Not: Here's a classic "almost ready for greatness" blog. Sean Chandler, a research analyst, says "Microsoft's Surface May Finally Find Success." Why's that? He praises the Surface Pro 3 tablet design and Intel's "ultra efficient" processors within. Ready to go out and jump on the bandwagon? Slow down, folks: Sean adds this caveat: "When Windows 10 launches in late 2015, Surface could finally earn the sales it deserves." Ah, the classic "wait for the upgrade, it will rock" blog. 

5. Teaser Alert to Those Who Asked: If everything goes right, the date is Nov. 4. But a lot could go wrong. So let me offer this statement. Off the record and between you and me, the date is Nov. 4. On the record, the date is sometime in Q4 -- but Q1 2015 is somewhat of a possibility if something else comes up in Q4 that was just too interesting to pass up -- like free tickets to a Packers game on the Frozen Tundra. Confused? Now you know what the conversations sound like in my own head. Things get extra confusing when After Nines Inc. CEO Amy Katz asks for a transcript.

4. Samsung's New CIO: Former BlackBerry CIO Robin Bienfait has jump to Samsung to drive the company's enterprise mobile strategy. Most skeptics are worried about Samsung's falling smartphone margins and rising competition with Apple's iPhone 6. But I keep reminding readers: Keep an eye on Samsung's vertical software development efforts for health care, financial services, education and more. Those applications -- running on a portfolio of Samsung devices -- are on display in Samsung's New Jersey offices...

3. George Costanza Meets Wall Street: On today's economic calendar, something called the "Import/Export Prices" report is due out right about now. No joke. I'm not sure if it covers potato chips and diapers. 

2. Don't Come to Us; We'll Come to You: Apple will Live Stream its Oct. 16 event -- which is expected to include new iPad launches and perhaps the official Apple Pay launch. The latter will allow you to use your iPhone like a credit card at certain retail outlets. I must admit, I'm waiting for two Apple devices. The first is my Apple iPhone 6 Plus delivery. The second is Apple's long-rumored big-screen TV project. Yes, I'd pay a premium if Apple introduced a TV that disrupted all of my cable costs and consolidated me down to one remote control.

1. Closed (Really, Truly): After Nines Inc. is closed for Columbus Day on Monday, Oct. 13. Yes, it's truly a federal holiday. At our last startup, Amy Katz and I tended to work seven days a week -- even holidays. We're still putting in some heavy hours here at After Nines Inc., but we're trying to remind ourselves two things every day: First, life-work balance means family first. Second, building a sustainable business is a marathon, not a sprint. (But we still sprint pretty darn well).

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